What to expect in 2011?

I’ve been reflecting upon what I should do next now that THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM is out. There is still the matter of getting THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM out in languages other than just English. As of now, Portuguese and Spanish versions are in the works. And there is still the matter of getting the word out about THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM to ever more people. But beyond that, it is looking like it would be best for me to just go ahead and get to work on sequel books. If I don’t do that now I might never do it.

THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM was designed as the first in a series of Course in Miracles related comics. THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM is a general overview and introduction book to the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. And with sequel books, I plan on getting into more details. I have outlines for at least two sequel books. In theory, I’d rather make feature length animated films than comic books, but the economies of scale required to do animated films is beyond my current situation. So, I’m instead focusing on comic books, which are essentially like story boards for animated films.

Writing regular books, giving talks, and giving workshops about A Course in Miracles are not really the kinds of things I’m interested in doing myself—at least not now. There are plenty of people who do that stuff and do a good job at it. Instead, what I’m interested in is visual art. I’m interested in being an artist that communicates deep psychological and spiritual ideas through visual art. And I see my comic books as the spring board for doing that since they will help establish the symbol system of visual language needed to make visual art that can stand on its own without words.

Painting is probably the most traditionally revered form of art. And it is the form of art that interests me the most. From the cave paintings of Lascaux to the contemporary satirical street paintings of the artist Banksy, painting is a historically significant way of turning an idea into an enduring object that transcends culture and language boundaries. The more significant the idea proves to be, the more valuable the object tends to become, and thus the more effort is put into making sure the object endures without modification. If you want an idea to become ever more distorted over time, relegate it to written language only. But if you want an idea to endure with minimal distortion, also make it into a picture.

So ultimately, beyond comics, I want to make paintings that communicate the ideas of A Course in Miracles visually. And I plan on starting with that this year with a limited run painting titled The Miracle of Awakening. I also want to do forgiveness diary posts, but so far, every time I’ve started writing a forgiveness diary post, I’ve gotten sidetracked into writing content for the next book.

Anyway, that is a hint of what to expect in 2011.  Thanks everyONE!