Help Me Correct Any First Print Typos

If you want to collect my book as a collectible comic, you want the first print. However, I know there are some typos in the first printing. Like everyone else, I’m not perfect in this world and am prone to mistakes. A lot of the writing in the book was done on the fly while drawing and so never had the luxury of being in a word processor like most text in books. Also, proof reading comics is slightly different than proof reading regular books. For instance, the text is all caps and scattered about in visual space. So, I’m sure my proof readers missed some things. Errors call for correction, not punishment. So, if you find a typo, be kind enough to tell me so it can be corrected for subsequent printings.

One typo I spotted after it was too late to correct for the first print was the word loose in the last panel on page 122. It, of course, should be lose. It was marked to be corrected but never was (due to self-sabotage I guess). All other uses of loose and lose in the book are correct except for one tiny one in a background image. What is confusing about the word lose to me (and many people) is that, while the spelling is the same as words like nose, hose, pose, close, and chose, it isn’t pronounced the same as those words. Add to that the fact that the words chose and choose were very much on my mind while writing the book, and it is no mystery why I became temporarily blind to the fact that lose isn’t spelled the same as choose despite sounding the same.

Another typo is the word accounts in panel one of page 173. The word should be recounts, or it should say “That is an account of.” Instead of properly writing it as one or the other, it came out simply as accounts and was overlooked. However, what sense it makes that you can’t account an account, but instead have to recount it is beyond me. Just one of the way too many idiosyncrasies of the English language.

In panel one on page 54 the baby should be saying honor with an o not honer with an e. I’m not sure what a honer is, but it is a common example of what I come up with when lazily writing things out phonetically. If I was British instead of American I would think of the word as spelled honour and so that typo would have been blatant to me instead of hidden.

The second print of the book happened in March 2011. So, most books purchased April 2011 and beyond are likely second print. Overall, the first print had somewhere between 5 and 10 typos, depending on how anal retentive you want to get. That gives the first print an error rate of about three ten thousands, which isn’t perfect but is getting there.