Art Projects

Feel free to contact me to commission a painting. I can do whatever you want. The price range is $150 and up depending on what you want. I can do hand embellished Giclee prints of art or pen drawings, which are at the low end (the smaller the cheaper) or full oil paintings (the bigger and more detailed the more expensive). I include custom frames for the art. See the description of The Miracle of Awakening below as an example.

The Miracle of Awakening
(Sold Out) The Miracle of Awakening (Canvas: 8″x26″ Framed 14.5″x31.5). The original was an oil painting on stretched canvas that started out as a screened print (sort of like an Andy Warhol painting)–to get the sharp black lines of the basic design. I can do another original for $1000. Otherwise, I did some Giclee prints of the painting hand embellished with paint but those are sold out. The painting included a custom frame with a custom name plate and corners adorned with the Miracle Star. Other paintings may become available, some cheaper, some more expensive.

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