The Forgiveness Diary

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of content I should regularly post on this site, other than just news. I might post some comics now and then, but most of any comic efforts will be focused on books and miscellaneous eye candy. Instead, what I’m going to do is start a Forgiveness Diary (forgiveness as defined on page 91 of my book). So, to fully appreciate my forgiveness diary, you’ll have to have read my book. Therefore, subscribers to my old site need to get my book if you want to appreciate my new site.

The Forgiveness Diary will be a diary of my lessons in forgiveness. By sharing my lessons, that will help other people with their lessons. Perfect forgiveness is my primary objective in life. However, I’ll be the first to admit that my forgiveness is certainly not perfect. I’m a young guy and I have plenty of years ahead of me to master the art of forgiveness, but I know that now is always the best time to get forgiving.

All my life I have basically been a natural forgiver in the sense that I tend to avoid conflict. I’ve never been much of a marauding ape. Really, judgment itself is probably what I’ve consistently been most judgmental about. That is why my politics have always been very libertarian. I want to be free from the tyranny of seemingly external judgments. I’ve always held most of my judgment behind a veil of humor. Judging people and things has never made me feel good. Just as being judged has never made me feel good.

Overall, my aversion to conflict has been more of a kind of resistance to forgiveness rather than forgiveness itself. My resistance to forgive shows up in avoiding things that may involve conflict and thus may involve forgiveness opportunities. This whole business of writing a book that challenges the basic belief system of most people on the planet and then trying to get people to actually buy it and read it is not exactly a task I find comfortable. The only reason I’ve had the fortitude to attempt to do it is because I truly believe in the content of my book, thanks to experience.

So anyway, The Forgiveness Diary will be the main content of this website (granted I don’t get more ideas). I hope you find The Forgiveness Diary helpful, because I know I will. You’ll get a realistic picture of how I practice (and delay practicing) what I teach. Where applicable, I will use names when talking about particular people who facilitate conflict with me leading to the need for forgiveness. I say that with a mischievous grin, suggesting that if you practice forgiveness yourself I doubt your name will make it into my forgiveness diary. =) Frankly, I hope I have to pull most of my forgiveness diary entries from the vault (the past). That will mean I’m seeing more and more peace and less and less conflict, thanks to the melting away of my unconscious guilt (again, if you haven’t read my book, you need to if you want to understand what I’m talking about).

Talk to you later.