Some More News: Apples, Oranges, and Olive Branches

Paul_CézanneHappy Pi day 3.14! Since I received a ton of excellent feedback on the update I posted Monday, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. And I wanted to do it here in one note. Otherwise, I’d have to spend a whole day to respond to everyone individually…time probably better spent working on the next book. Although this next book I’m writing is a bit more secular than The Universe Is a Dream, that doesn’t mean that I don’t plan on making some topic specific books totally true to A Course in Miracles in the future. Nor does it mean that this next book is all that different from The Universe Is a Dream. It’s like The Universe Is a Dream was an apple and this new book is an orange. And you know what they say about comparing apples to oranges. Sometimes you might want an apple, sometimes an orange. Once this next book is done, I myself and everyone else will have that choice.