October Update

Hello everyone, and welcome newcomers. This is my first post since I moved to my new site. So, if you got this twice or something, it was due to ironing out the kinks in transitioning to the new site.

Get the book!

I know there are a ton of people who are subscribed to these updates who haven’t yet put down the measly $13.45 required to buy my new book, The Universe Is a Dream: The Secrets of Existence Revealed, at Amazon or B&N. And if you live outside the US, in a place without its own Amazon, that is no excuse because it is available at places like The Book Depository for £10.95, which offers free worldwide shipping. So, get it! Don’t deny yourself the entertainment, joy, excitement, laughs, challenges, and life changing ideas you’ll get from this book. For many, buying this book will prove to be the best investment ever! All the things I’m going to be doing on my new site will stem from the content of my new book. So, if you don’t read my new book, you’ll probably be lost and miss out. And if you are holding out for the ebook or something, you could be waiting awhile, because the ebook formats sold by the major retailers currently aren’t graphic novel friendly. So, stop waiting and just get it!


There is now a page for The Universe Is a Dream on facebook. You can check it out by following this link.


And I have T-Shirts available related to the content of my new book. Take a look.