The Library of Time

Library of TimeAmazon US Paperback link: The Library of Time (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Two)

ISBN: 0982923023

Preview the first chapter of The Library of Time.

Book two of The Undreaming Chronicles is now up on Amazon. Like with Revelation from the Holy Planet, if you buy the print version of  book two, you’ll get the kindle version for free (for a limited time anyway). Book two is titled, The Library of Time. With book one, I had to spend a lot of time going over the basic concepts of ACIM. But book two dives right into new material. And that new material revolves around some neat physics stuff as well as metaphors for conceptualizing the way time is presented in ACIM. I’m using the fiction format of The Undreaming Chronicles as a kind of speculative idea incubator. So, for example, a lot of the material in The Library of Time gives a preview of a book I just finished up that should come out the beginning of 2015. That book is going to be titled The Universe Is Virtual (subtitle still to be determined). The Universe Is Virtual is sort of like a physics version of The Universe Is a Dream; it uses the more technical metaphor of computers instead of the dream metaphor. Basically, I think I’ve come up with a good, coherent model of how quantum forgiveness really works. And The Universe Is Virtual is my attempt at explaining how that all works using the language of science rather than just the more poetical ACIM language.

Anyway, get The Library of Time while it’s hot. And as always, I need and appreciate reviews. The amount of time it takes to not just write a book but also draw one is rather insane, especially since it’s all just a gamble economically. I don’t quite know why I do it. I guess technically it has a lot to do with the fact that the books I make are an attempt to match a kind of artistic ideal that exists only in my mind. I know it sure isn’t for the money, because, from a financial standpoint, even The Universe Is a Dream hasn’t yet produced enough income to really justify the time I originally put into it. But I am glad people like you exist, who appreciate my work enough to be subscribed to my email updates. Now, if I could just get about a million more people just like you (lol).

Here’s a link to preview the first chapter of The Library of Time.

Here’s the Amazon US link: The Library of Time (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Two)

Here’s the Amazon US Kindle link: The Library of Time (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Two)

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