Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One)

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Link to Amazon: Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One)

My new book is now available at Amazon US in both color paperback and ebook. Currently, if you buy the print book at any Amazon you can get the Kindle ebook version free. I’ll send out an update whenever the print book starts to become available at more places internationally. (Note: if Amazon starts saying the paperback book is out of stock ignore it because it won’t really be true.)

The title of my new book is Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One) and it is in full color. This is the first book in a series of books I’m going to be doing called The Undreaming Chronicles. These books are a fictional story used to explore in detail the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Whereas I tried to cram a whole overview of ACIM into The Universe Is a Dream, The Undreaming Chronicles takes things slower and gets into more detail. I’m not sure how many books in total will be in The Undreaming Chronicles series, but I already have detailed notes on what the next three books will be like.

The Undreaming Chronicles series is a fictional story about the teachings of ACIM as seen through the eyes of an advanced extraterrestrial that comes from a planet in which the ideas of ACIM are second nature. By presenting the ideas of ACIM as part of a fictional story, I have left myself a lot of room to be creative and speculate about things ACIM doesn’t cover in detail, or at all. Plus, when I’m done with The Undreaming Chronicles series, I might be able to condense the story into a screenplay for a movie fit for a mainstream audience.

The things I talk about in this first book are designed to set up the series. The series starts off at the more worldly ego level but will build up to a pure spiritual level. This first book only covers a fraction of the information the series as a whole will cover. I’m going to cover a lot of really cool stuff in this series of books. One cool concept that I introduce in this first book, which will play a dominant role throughout the series, is a metaphor involving the theoretically infinite, non-repeating number sequence known as PI. (Check out this song on youtube . That’s my current pick for the theme song for Revelations from the Holy Planet.) Another cool thing I introduce in this book is a full art presentation of A Course in Miracles, which means you’ll get to “see” things like “The Two Pictures” from chapter 17 of the ACIM text.

But anyway, get the book. Like usual, Amazon is the main place to get the book. And for the time being, if you buy the print book on Amazon you’ll get the Kindle ebook for free. I encourage people to buy the print book because it is cooler than just the ebook. But if you just want the ebook, you can still just get that. This ebook is different from The Universe Is a Dream ebook, because it has both full pages and individual zoomed in frames (the zoom feature doesn’t work with old Kindles though)…plus this ebook is in color (when viewed on a color device) and the images are all high quality.

That’s all I have to say about the book for today. You can read the first chapter here: Holy Planet Preview. And the writing of book two is already underway.  How long it takes me to produce more books for this series is dependent on economics. If the books sell well, I’ll be able to spend more time making more. Otherwise, I’ll have to spend more time on other things. I hope everyone likes this first book; I know I sure do, otherwise I wouldn’t have put in the time to make it. And make sure to write an Amazon review (if you like it that is lol). With books like these, the occasional atheist or fundamentalist Christian (or just miserable person) ends up getting the book and giving it one star. But that’s just the first law of chaos and part of doing business on psycho planet. My books are primarily designed for people into ACIM, so I need the support of the ACIM crowd to keep my efforts sustainable. So, if you never reviewed The Universe Is a Dream, also review that on Amazon (that one’s gotten some anti-forgiveness reviews lately lol). Thanks everyONE!

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