New: A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book

A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book: Miracle Mandala, Quantum Forgiveness, and Oneness Meditations (A Pictographic Guide to Core Course Concepts) ISBN:978-1543290349

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A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book: Meditate on the core concepts of A Course In Miracles through the relaxing, stress-relieving activity of coloring. Seeing as coloring for adults (grown-ups) has become popular, it only made sense that I of all people needed to make an A Course in Miracles themed coloring book. So, I did. This coloring book combines the activity of coloring pictographs representing core course concepts with meditations on those concepts. Although fit for all ages, this coloring book is meant for people who are already familiar with A Course in Miracles and or The Universe Is a Dream. The coloring book is composed of two main parts. The first part of the coloring book introduces and explains all the pictographic symbols used in the book. Then the second part of the coloring book presents three coloring meditation exercises: the Miracle Mandala Meditation, True (Quantum) Forgiveness Meditation, and Oneness Meditation. All three coloring meditations can be done many times since many copies are included of each coloring meditation. Obviously, it’s only available as a physical paperback book.

Also, seeing as I haven’t done much with my website since 2010 (when I originally made it), I decided to give it a makeover more fit for the current web, which, these days, involves a lot of web browsing on phones. The old version of the site still exists but I’m going to be phasing it out and directing all traffic to the new version. Along with the updated site, I started a secret web page for email subscribers upon which I’ll post some occasional underground content.