Mundy, Wapnick, Beethoven, New Book

Mundy and MarchandAs my lack of updates on my website or Facebook (and everything else) reflect, I tend to just watch rather than join the battle and engage with and get too involved with the world I see. If it wasn’t for the need to interact with the world to earn money, no one would probably ever hear from me about anything. Nonetheless, since I’m already talking today, I might as well say a few things.

I met Jon Mundy the other day. For those who don’t know, Jon publishes Miracles magazines, which I started contributing to with a comic series last year. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Jon’s gigs do so. Not only will you get to hear one of the ever-fewer people left that actually knew Helen and was there at the beginning of ACIM, but you might also get to engage with the witeral, punderful Dr. Baba Jon.

I imagine most people who will bother to read this already know Ken Wapnick finally had enough back on December 27. Seeing as it’s still fresh news, Jon Mundy talked a lot about Ken when I saw him. I never met Ken…in this lifetime anyway…but obviously he had a major impact on me. Consequently, there is a lot of Ken living in me, so he’s very much still around in that sense.

Ken to me was not only someone who was an invaluable key to ACIM but someone who I could relate to in many ways. Whenever I’d hear biographical things about Ken, I’d often find in him idiosyncrasies near and dear to my heart. For instance, before ACIM, Ken was ready to become a monk. I’ve been told on numerous occasions by a few different people that I’d make a good monk. And that is probably true, other than my total lack of interest in being any kind of formal monk. The fact is I am a monk, just not formally. I naturally live a spartan, very inward life because I find the most happiness there. That isn’t to say I don’t find happiness with help from certain seemingly outward things too, it’s just that I’m fairly easily pleased regardless of the forms.

And incidentally, that ties into the topic that happened to be the last one covered on Ken’s youtube channel: Beauty. For me, that was just about the perfect end note for Ken to leave on–seeing as I consider myself an ACIM artist and not necessarily a teacher or anything else. What outward things we find beauty in and thus happiness in is just reflective of the beauty within. Therefore, the more we tune into that beauty within, the less special the outward form becomes until specialness completely fades leaving only total beauty.

One of the special outward things I love is Beethoven. Beethoven was also loved by Ken. But I loved Beethoven before I even knew who Ken was. And while I may be named Alex and love Beethoven, don’t confuse me with that other Alex who loved Beethoven; that Alex was fiction…but so are all Alex’s really (if you don’t get that reference google Alex and Beethoven). Probably half of everything I’ve ever written (or will write) was written with Beethoven playing softly in the background. For those curious, my favorite piece of Beethoven music is Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony Movement II. That piece of music gives form to how I feel about my march home (to oneness). In my own mind, that piece is titled: Alex’s March Home.

Revelation from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One) Finally, I’ll close by officially announcing that I have a new book (in full color!) that should be available for sale on or around February 25, 2014. This book is part one of a graphic novel series I’m doing called The Undreaming Chronicles. This is a fictional story that explores the ideas of ACIM. To put it simply: it is an epic tale about me and my otherworldly friend to whom the ideas of ACIM are second nature. In a few more weeks, when the book becomes available for sale, I’ll be telling everyone much more about it and what to expect going forward.