Into the Unconscious: New Book Now Available

UN-Cover-PerfectInto the Unconscious (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Three)
Book three of The Undreaming Chronicles series is now available. The title is: Into the Unconscious. This book has a Halloween theme and concentrates on the subject of unconscious guilt. Not the most pleasant subject, but covering it is necessary and the subject is appropriate for a Halloween theme. There will be two more books in The Undreaming Chronicles series to make a total of five.

Preview the book here.

Below are the buying options; they’re a bit different than usual. For instance, I’m not selling a paperback version on Amazon. The regular supply chain of going through Amazon with a color comic book has its disadvantages. And digital sales are dominating over paperback sales these days. So, since The Undreaming Chronicles series is an even more niche market than my other books, this new book is being released as an experiment to see if side stepping Amazon somewhat can deliver equal if not better results. Continue reading below if you want a detailed explanation of this new set of buying options.

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Explanation of Ebook Options
One of the most annoying things about Amazon is that they charge 15 cents per megabyte for a Kindle download, which is taken out of the royalty paid to the author (making the fee invisible to the buyer). That’s not an issue on normal books, but with comic books it becomes ridiculous. The smallest file size I can get most of my ebooks down to while maintaining quality is around 15-20mb, which translates into a $3 delivery fee pulled out of my Amazon royalty. I often buy physical things on ebay shipped from China that have smaller delivery fees than that! Kindle delivery fees might have made some sense in 2008 but not in 2015. The Amazon royalty is 70% of the Kindle book price minus delivery fees. So, when I charge $9.99 for a Kindle book on Amazon I see less than half the price in royalties. For that reason, I started a shop on a site called Payhip to sell ebooks. Unlike Amazon, they only take a 5% cut and that is it. Plus, they have some cool features. One feature is that there is a button on the purchase page for you to share a link to the book on Facebook or twitter to get a $1 discount. Another feature is that you can become an affiliate selling my ebooks to earn a 40% cut on every sale generated. I’d much rather someone like you take that 40% than Amazon. That’s worth it to me since I suck at self promotion; I know self promotion is necessary but I have near zero interest in it. So, if that affiliate proposal interests you, get more info here, and just sign up here. Then once I approve you, any commissions you earn will be sent to you automatically via Paypal.

But anyway, if you want an ebook, you can do whatever you want. I know buying directly on a Kindle is easy. So for ease, buying on Amazon still has some advantage. But I’d prefer you go to Payhip instead of Amazon. Still use Amazon to write a review, but I’m trying to take some control of ebook sales away from Amazon. At Payhip, I give the choice of a Kindle .mobi file or a high definition PDF. And you can use the link on the Payhip product page to share the book on Facebook or Twitter for a $1 discount.

Explanation of Paperback Options
Since digital sales are dominating over print these days, and since color printing makes printing trickier and more expensive, I’m only offering paperback copies of this new book from here (Createspace, which is a branch of Amazon) to avoid the risks that come with overhead. The economics of The Undreaming Chronicles series work differently than my other two books; that’s why I’m trying this option with this book. The cost is higher ($22.95), but the color and paper quality is better than my other color books. I’m also offering a black and white version if you just want a cheap version ($11.95). My royalty is the same on each version, so which version you choose makes no difference to me. Shipping is around $3.59 in the U.S. and a bit higher internationally (eg. Finland would be $4.88). But that shipping is a bargain compared to the ridiculous invisible Kindle delivery fees.