Into the Unconscious: New Book Follow Up

UN-Cover-PerfectI just want to mention a few things as a follow up to the new book announcement made the other day.

Some people with iPads have been unable to figure out how to get the Kindle mobi file from Payhip to work. I don’t own an iPad so I can’t test it to figure out why. So for iPads I’d say go with Amazon or with the PDF. Overall, do whatever is most convenient for you. (Update: I was informed that Amazon has a program you can download for Mac and PC that will allow you to “upload” a .mobi file from your computer to your account at Amazon. Then when you fire up your Kindle app on the iPad it will see the uploaded file and automatically pull it into the Kindle app.)

Also, to answer some questions I’ve received about book four of The Undreaming Chronicles; that book will probably be out next year at this time. And in that book it will become clear why the books have concentrated on certain subjects so far. Notice the first law of chaos comes up a lot in the series (that’s a hint).