The Real Philosopher’s Stone

I decided to can (shelve) The Real Philosopher’s Stone movie. The mob has spoken and the general takeaway is that most of the people into my stuff are mostly just into ACIM. And ACIM people just like stuff focused on ACIM and not general philosophy. Since The Real Philosopher’s Stone was a hodgepodge of stuff edited out of hours of conversing on various subjects, it delved into many subjects of interest to me outside the direct realm of ACIM. Overall, it seems The Real Philosopher’s Stone bit off more than it could chew from the footage gathered to make the movie. Consequently, since the movie didn’t just focus on ACIM stuff and since the content of the movie was even too far-out at times for ACIM audiences, let alone uninitiated general audiences, I decided to can it. I appreciate everyone who bought the movie. Every project I undergo is a learning experience and so every time someone buys one of my creations, that funds the experience to get ever better at producing content. From making the movie, I learned I’m going to stick with cartoons and writing and not speaking. I’m too much of a loose canon when I start to open my mouth lol. When speaking, I often feel like Marty in Back to the Future when he gets carried away playing Johnny B. Goode and the audience turns on him for being too ahead of his time. I always take the position on everything that’s most challenging to the status quo. So, the eccentric, non-linear churning of thoughts in my head leads to too many misfires and tangents when speaking. The non-linear churning of ideas in my head is best suited for art and not speaking. When speaking, my punk rock, eccentric ego is just too good at churning fertile ground for projection from audiences lol. So anyway, I’m going to start focusing on taking things more mainstream, and that means abandoning things unfit for that objective; things like The Real Philosopher’s Stone. I’ve gathered that only a small group of people want the heavy, hardcore, experimental stuff from me. Therefore, there’s no point in putting my neck on the line to provide that stuff for now…especially financially.