Free Bonus Gifts and A Course in Miracles The Movie: Special Edition

Have you seen A Course in Miracles The Movie?

In 2010, AVAIYA created the film featuring several teachers and students in the ACIM community, including Kenneth Wapnick, Gary Renard, Nouk Sanchez and many others. The film became an instant Amazon Bestseller.

It was a noble effort, but even with the success of the film, there were many elements that filmmaker iKE ALLEN had wished were different. Now, 3 years later, he has finally Re-Imagined the entire film to fulfill his ideas and the ideas he has received from many teachers & students in the ACIM Community.

Today, is the release of,  A Course in Miracles The Movie: Special Edition:

I’m not in this new special edition, although I perhaps could have been if I would have made it to my birth state of Colorado in recent history. Nonetheless, this cool Re-Imagined film blends the original interviews of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, Gary Renard and others, and now includes brand new interviews with Jon Mundy and David Hoffmeister.

Also, the film is now narrated by AVAIYA Co-Founder, Ashley “Ande” Anderson as she shares her own personal journey of applying principles from The Course to understand what special relationships are truly for. Ande’s authentic, vulnerable honesty enhances this film and provides clear examples of the power of The Course.

There are free bonus gifts for anyone who purchases the movie. And, even though I’m not in the movie, one of those gifts is a The Universe Is a Dream Bonus Pack PDF full of printable and scalable artwork (symbols and diagrams in color and B&W) from my book. And you’ll get access to a The Universe Is a Dream themed magic eye stereogram, which is cool. Both those things you’ll only get if you get A Course in Miracles The Movie: Special Edition.

Plus, you’ll get other free bonuses from other teachers and students for purchasing A Course in Miracles The Movie: Special Edition.

Pamela Whitman, an ACIM Teacher and descendent of the great poet, Walt Whitman said this about the ACIM Special Edition:
“The best part was that it made an immediate experiential difference. I fell in love with every person in the film. That’s A Course in Miracles!”

If you buy from the link below, I’ll get a little kickback; therefore, all B.S. aside, that is what I recommend lol. To learn more about the film and the free gifts available from The Course community, please visit:

And while I’m at it, I’ll just say that I’m just getting into settling on the looks of the characters in my next book; it’s going to be very cool. I may put out teasers as I progress.

Thanks everyONE,

Alexander Marchand