Get Forgiving the Human Robot (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Four) Out Now

Robot CoverForgiving the Human Robot (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Four)
Book four, the final book of The Undreaming Chronicles series, is now available. The title is: Forgiving the Human Robot. The book explores the idea of how humans are programmed/conditioned in many ways into unique egos that all see the world a bit differently. The book also explores how to erase that programming. There were going to be five books in the Undreaming Chronicles but I ended up being able to explore everything I wanted to explore in four books. The Undreaming Chronicles has been an experimental free-form set of books, where I’ve made a point not to censor my thought processes at all. That makes The Undreaming Chronicles more raw and personal than my other books; the whole series is a kind of dreamlike excursion through my own forgiveness lessons. Now that all the books are done, I may take all the paperback versions of each individual book off the market and replace them with one 640 page $50 paperback comic book or eliminate all paperback versions altogether. So, if you want individual paperback books of the series (especially if you are a comic collector) don’t wait until it is too late.

Preview the book here.

Below are the buying options. As with the previous book, I’m not selling a paperback version on Amazon. The regular supply chain of going through Amazon with a color comic book has its disadvantages. And digital sales are dominating over paperback sales these days. For a Kindle version buy it on Amazon and if you what a PDF version, follow the link to Payhip.

  • Ebook
    Amazon Kindle US (9.99) Amazon UK Amazon DE Amazon BR Amazon ES
    Payhip (9.99) (Available as a high definition PDF.  Check out my whole Payhip store; I’m also offering a The Universe Is a Dream PDF in case you ever wanted one.)
  • Paperback
    Premium Color Version ($21.95)
    Createspace is the only place I’m selling a paperback version of this book.  Shipping is around $3.59 in the U.S. and a bit higher internationally (eg. Finland would be $4.88). The price is high but the print quality is good. This is the only way to sell the book in color as a physical book without the risk of investing in an inventory.


In a few weeks, I’m going to be releasing audio/video books of The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual. So, look out for that announcement. But after that I really have no set plans for anything new in particular related to ACIM/spirituality.


There is a point in Forgiving the Human Robot where I reference a bunch of songs. If interested in exploring those songs, here is a playlist of them I made on Youtube.

Also, for those outside the US who couldn’t figure out how to watch Binary Erasure, there is a link to watch the movie directly from my website instead of Amazon here. Email news updates always have a corresponding page on my website and that page is updated when not all info is included in an email.