December News 2011

The show I did with Kenneth Bok is now online. And you can also see what the show has in store for the future.

It was the first interview I ever did. And I’ll be doing more shows with Ken. I figure, now that I’ve spent ample time honing my book writing and drawing skills, it’s time to work on public speaking. Everyone who knows me knows I prefer to keep my mouth shut and just listen instead.

In the interview, you may notice that the audio quality on my end could have certainly been better had the internet cooperated. But that’s just guilt showing up in the form of sub-par internet connections (lol). I’ll forgive it and do what I can to assure better audio in the future. (And notice there’s a cool synchronicity when we start talking about forgiving and being robbed; a police siren travels past Ken’s place. I thought that was cool.)

One particularly cool thing about Kenneth Bok and I is that not only do we share a love of ACIM, but Ken and I also share an interest in the insidious workings of the contemporary economy and its entanglement with governments. In other words, we share economic forgiveness lessons. Ken actually used to be part of the Goldman Sachs gang. There’s no doubt that there are some past life karma issues for us with all that stuff. I know that my interest in the economy is a very important part of my own forgiveness curriculum.
So anyway, naturally, we briefly talked about forgiving the economic side of things in the interview.

The best gift is forgiveness. And a good way to give forgiveness as a physical Christmas gift is to give The Universe Is a Dream. In a perfect world, I’d just give The Universe Is a Dream away for free. But there is no such thing as a perfect world because there is no such thing as a perfect illusion. Perfection is only oneness. So, like everyone else, I play the economy game one way or another. And my preference is to do so by spending my time on things I’m particularly good at like drawing ACIM comics rather than doing things like jobs that robots will likely be doing in the not too distant future (lol). Anyway, here’s the link to the book buying options; there’s a new option in there fit for bulk purchases:

I’ll soon give an update on how things are going with the sequel to The Universe Is a Dream. It’s certainly looking like it will be a worthy sequel. It’s a book that’s never been done before. I can say that much.

Keep on Forgiving!