Art Projects

Feel free to contact me to commission a painting. I can do whatever you want. The price range is $150 and up depending on what you want. I can do hand embellished Giclee prints of art or pen drawings, which are at the low end (the smaller the cheaper) or full oil paintings (the bigger […]


Here is a list of some recommended Books/Sites related to The Universe Is a Dream. (everything may not show if you have an ad blocker on) I haven’t yet compiled recommendations related to The Universe Is Virtual. WidgetsDude, Where’s My Jesus Fish?: A Compilation Highlighting the Blunt and Uncompromising Teachings of Arten and Pursah […]

Get Jewelry

I have produced a series of charms/pendants based on the symbols from my book. The first two offerings (the Holy Spirit and the Forgiveness charms/pendants) were originally available from a company called Shapeways between July 2011 and July 2012. It was a limited time offering. But the charms/pendants are back for 2015 and available in […]