Alex Finally Meets Gary Renard

Well, I finally met Gary Renard last weekend. I went to his workshop and we went out to eat. Cindy was there too, and she’s just as great as Gary. They are both super nice. Meeting Gary was a long time coming … seeing as I got The Disappearance of the Universe just about right […]

What to expect in 2011?

I’ve been reflecting upon what I should do next now that THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM is out. There is still the matter of getting THE UNIVERSE IS A DREAM out in languages other than just English. As of now, Portuguese and Spanish versions are in the works. And there is still the matter of […]

October Update

Hello everyone, and welcome newcomers. This is my first post since I moved to my new site. So, if you got this twice or something, it was due to ironing out the kinks in transitioning to the new site. Get the book! I know there are a ton of people who are subscribed to these […]