Mundy, Wapnick, Beethoven, New Book

As my lack of updates on my website or Facebook (and everything else) reflect, I tend to just watch rather than join the battle and engage with and get too involved with the world I see. If it wasn’t for the need to interact with the world to earn money, no one would probably ever […]

2013 Update: The Universe Is a Dream Sequel/Prequel

I’ve neglected updating any news on this site for over a year…due to changing my mind about the direction of future books. When it comes to writing books, and when it comes to all artistic endeavors, I’ve come to learn the lesson that you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself. It is […]

December News 2011

The show I did with Kenneth Bok is now online. And you can also see what the show has in store for the future. It was the first interview I ever did. And I’ll be doing more shows with Ken. I figure, now that I’ve spent ample time honing my book writing and drawing […]