Buy T-Shirts

I’m not really selling these shirts to make money. CafePress is the one making money off selling these shirts. They are just cool things you might want to own. If everyone wore the same size shirt I’d just get a bunch of shirts made and sell them at around cost (a few dollars each) plus shipping, but that isn’t how it is. So, instead, the shirts are being sold by CafePress.

Click here to go to The Universe Is a Dream Shop at CafePress (more CafePress) and buy T-Shirts.

Shipping is around $5. When ordering from CafePress, make sure to see if any coupon sales are going on. The quality has been good and durable in my experience. See this pic for a close up of the print quality. Also, think about your size choices here. I wear a men’s medium. I’m slender and 6 feet tall.

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