Watch My Animated Short Film “Binary Erasure” FREE

I present my new and first animated short film, Binary Erasure. Above is the trailer. To watch the whole movie for free, follow the link to Amazon video. In making this movie, I developed my own system for making animation; that system eliminated enough of the tedium of animation as to make the project viable. I’m biased, but I think this is a pretty awesome little movie considering I did everything in the movie myself: art, animation, screenplay, voices, etc. The only thing I didn’t do is most of the music; I started to do the music myself, but it was taking too long. This is a short film with deep meaning (easily deciphered by anyone familiar with my books). But at the same time, the movie’s surface entertainment value makes it potentially palatable to various ages and backgrounds. This movie is an experiment to see if it is worth my while to do these kinds of projects in the future. So, I encourage everyone to let other people know about this movie and to (if you like it) rate it on Amazon and IMDB to help it get more exposure. Perhaps I may someday make this available more places, but for now it is only on Amazon video, which is free to watch with ads at the US Amazon site or ad-free for those with a Prime Membership.

Also worth noting is that the movie has a closed captions option for the hearing impaired.

Make sure to watch the movie full screen and in HD if your internet connection is good enough. And watch it over and over.

Watch free with ads or ad-free with a Prime Membership at:
Amazon US
Or watch with a Prime Membership at:
Amazon Japan
Amazon UK

For those outside the US who are unable to watch the movie for free on Amazon go here.

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