Audio/Video Books for The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual

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The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual are both now for sale as video/audio books. Since my books are both pictures and words, the regular audiobook format wouldn’t do them justice. Instead, I chose to make video/audio books. These video/audio books include both a video and an audio mp3 file. The video is essentially a high definition frame by frame read along of the books as read by me. And the mp3 audio files are just the audio from the video for listening when viewing is not possible (such as while driving). The Universe Is a Dream is read in my normal voice and The Universe Is Virtual, since I take an abstract digital form in that book, is read in my digitized “virtual” voice…similar to the voice I used in my short film Binary Erasure. Buy the books individually for $16.99 a piece or get both for $29.99. The books are unabridged in video form (since all the information is there visually) and only slightly abridged in audio form. The video is available streaming or downloaded. The Universe Is a Dream runs three hours and five minutes and The Universe Is Virtual runs two hours and thirty four minutes. Watch the previews of the video/audio books below to see exactly what you’ll be getting.

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Combo Pack $29.99

Universe Is Virtual $16.99

Universe Is a Dream $16.99