12radio.com Interview November 27 at 7pm ET

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that this Sunday, November 27, at 7pm ET 4pm PT you can listen to me on the inaugural episode of A Course in Miracles Explained hosted by Kenneth Bok on 12radio.com. It was originally going to air December 4, but it got moved up a week…it’s just that awesome. But seriously, it’s a cool interview. I don’t think I said anything too stupid during it (lol). We only had 45 minutes to talk, so we couldn’t get too deep or into any linear, logical, comprehensive descriptions of ACIM. So, it’s sort of a tease due to the limited time, but it’s still good stuff. It’s the first interview I’ve done about my book. I’ll likely be on Kenneth’s show in the future for more focused discussions. Thanks to Mark Husson of 12radio.com for getting the new show A Course in Miracles Explained going and Kenneth Bok for hosting the show.