New Book! Living from the Soul: The 7 Spiritual Principles of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello, it has already been a year since I last sent out an email newsletter update. When I look at the world, there is one thing I can say for sure: society as a whole is philosophically inept. The most glaring example to me is the fact that the Golden Rule has been around for a very long time and yet people still haven’t quite figured out that it is the fundamental formula for a peaceful and prosperous society. Instead, we are mostly indoctrinated to believe that constantly fighting over various forms of mob rule (democracy) is the path to a peaceful and prosperous society.

For that reason, I am happy to announce that I have teamed up with author Sam Torode, distant relative of Henry David Thoreau, to start a series of PhilosoComics distilling the wisdom of some of the best thinkers in human history. The first comic is about the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson; it is titled Living from the Soul: The 7 Spiritual Principles of Ralph Waldo Emerson. These are simple, fun, low-priced comic books designed to make philosophy more accessible: $6.99 for paperback, $2.99 for Kindle, and $0 if you have Kindle Unlimited. The PhilosoComics series uses the same formula of art style and presentation as The Universe Is a Dream. So, for instance, in Living from the Soul, your host through the book is a young cartoon Emerson. Living from the Soul is an especially great book to share with the people in your life who are not quite ready for the no holds barred of A Course in Miracles. (Note that the Kindle version of this book has maximal quality high resolution b&w artwork, unlike some of my older Kindle books which were limited by the technology of the time.)

Along with more books from the PhilosoComics series, I also intend to have a new and interesting A Course in Miracles themed book out before the year is done. So anyway, for now, thanks and keep on forgiving!

2019 Summer Update

I posted two videos to YouTube about the universe being a virtual reality. If those videos can gain any
traction and lead to views and subscribers I’ll do more; if not I won’t. So watch, like, comment, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to help the videos gain some momentum. The two videos are an experiment to see what happens if I try to cast a wider net.

The only other news is that The Undreaming Chronicles (Books Two, Three, Four): The Library of Time, Into the Unconscious, and Forgiving the Human Robot are available in paperback as one book in black and white. The first book in the series, Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One), remains available as a paperback in color.
There are a few potential future books I started but I’ve abandoned all of them for now.
That’s all. Thanks for being subscribed to my news updates.

News Summer 2018: Future Comics? Kantian Categorical Imperative

Here are some news updates for the Summer of 2018. It’s been awhile since I sent out a message to my email list. I have this underutilized email list that I control and that isn’t under the direct whim of tech giant algorithms. I really should utilize it more often.

I have a potential book project in draft stage. I still can’t say if it will get off the ground at all. As things stand right now, I don’t see anything new being completed anytime soon.

It’s been almost exactly eight years since The Universe Is a Dream was first released. Unfortunately, the publishing world is just as inhospitable to comics as eight years ago. Printing comics in color and selling comics as Kindle ebooks is an exercise in gluttony for punishment (lol). Everything is optimized for regular books, not comic books. I had it in mind to release The Universe Is a Dream revamped and in color for the 10 year anniversary but the technological logistics haven’t improved enough to justify doing that. Instead, things are going in the opposite direction. Print costs are going up. File size is still greatly punished by Amazon Kindle. And Amazon is becoming so saturated with books that less and less people are finding mine to buy.

Since releasing The Universe Is a Dream eight years ago, I’ve come to accept that I’m an artist guy who doesn’t want to be a guru. But really you have to be a guru to some extent if you really want to sell books, especially in the spirituality genre. You’ve got to go out there and sell your ideas. And if you’re unwilling to do that, there is little point in making books. Because chances are no one is really going to promote your stuff other than you. And to go out there spreading ideas is to jump into a war zone (lol).

When I talk, I talk about three main things. I call those three things my three guiding axioms. And all those things fly in the face of convention.

My Three Guiding Axioms
1) Being: Oneness (Pure Non-Duality Principle)
2) Thought: Quantum Forgiveness (Non-Guilt-Projection Principle)
3) Behavior: The Golden Rule (Non-Aggression Principle)

I can live by those axioms without directly talking about them. But those axioms are behind just about everything I ever want to talk about…since I naturally want to talk about the things I live. At least the first two axioms are mostly accepted by people who accept A Course in Miracles. But once I get to the third axiom, which is the most pertinent to day to day life in a social sense, I don’t even have many ACIM people on my side. ACIM explicitly says the Golden Rule is the rule for appropriate behavior. However, people don’t take the Golden Rule very seriously. Part of that lack of seriousness is probably due to the fact that just saying, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you,” is a bit too vague. When you start studying natural law, Kantian categorical imperative, the non-aggression principle, and even the negative formulation of the Golden Rule you start to appreciate it more.

When talking to all audiences, I have a tendency to want to start with axiom three, the Golden Rule. Because the Golden Rule is kindergarten forgiveness. Last year I started the blog Forgiving the News to start publicly exploring the minefield of putting people’s beliefs up to the test of the Golden Rule; in that sense the blog is basically designed to piss everyone off (lol). Because the problem with getting deep into the Golden Rule is that I invariably have to start telling people that their politics are complete garbage regardless of left or right persuasion (lol). People don’t like that, because politics is secular religion full of contradictory garbage that falls apart when exposed to light.

Whenever I start exposing the dark side of people’s behavioral beliefs by exploring axiom three, it transitions into axiom two. Axiom two means delving into unconscious guilt and the Jungian shadow. The great thing about starting with axiom three is that the people able to get through axiom three usually have some hope of facing the darkness within when projected out. And those able and willing to face the darkness within have some hope of dealing with axiom one, which is the ultimate abstraction. Oneness is an abstraction so abstract that it cannot be modeled. For that reason I find working from oneness back into the profane world less useful. The people attracted to the positive love and happiness stuff are too often unwilling to deal with the darkness.

I’m sure there is a much bigger audience ready for the hardcore ACIM-based messages I want to bring. But going the route of talking to general audiences to weed out the people who are ready for my full messages puts me on the radar of lots of adversaries. And I have a hard time believing that such a task is worth the aggravation (lol).

The way I see it, if I’m unwilling to jump into the ideological war zone to help increase the popularity of my current books, there is little point in making more books. So that is my current crossroads. I don’t know what I’ll do or when.

In the meantime though check this out. If you haven’t heard, I was on the True Forgiveness Teachings Podcast with Jackie Lora Jones twice in the last few months. We got into some good stuff. The main theme was forgiving the First Law of Chaos: the truth is different for everyone. That’s my favorite topic since it’s one of the few I have lots to say about due to the world providing a constant stream of new material. And at the end I gave seven useful forgiveness tips. So give that a listen.

Part 1 4/24/18:
Part 2 7/17/18:

Also worth noting, The Universe Is Virtual is being released in Portuguese soon. And The Universe Is a Dream continues to be available in a number of different languages.
And as always, if you’ve been depriving yourself of any of my books, get them while you can.

Keep on forgiving,

New: A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book

A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book: Miracle Mandala, Quantum Forgiveness, and Oneness Meditations (A Pictographic Guide to Core Course Concepts) ISBN:978-1543290349

Where to Buy:

Amazon US

Createspace, Amazon UK and other Amazons


A Course in Miracles the Coloring Book: Meditate on the core concepts of A Course In Miracles through the relaxing, stress-relieving activity of coloring. Seeing as coloring for adults (grown-ups) has become popular, it only made sense that I of all people needed to make an A Course in Miracles themed coloring book. So, I did. This coloring book combines the activity of coloring pictographs representing core course concepts with meditations on those concepts. Although fit for all ages, this coloring book is meant for people who are already familiar with A Course in Miracles and or The Universe Is a Dream. The coloring book is composed of two main parts. The first part of the coloring book introduces and explains all the pictographic symbols used in the book. Then the second part of the coloring book presents three coloring meditation exercises: the Miracle Mandala Meditation, True (Quantum) Forgiveness Meditation, and Oneness Meditation. All three coloring meditations can be done many times since many copies are included of each coloring meditation. Obviously, it’s only available as a physical paperback book.

Also, seeing as I haven’t done much with my website since 2010 (when I originally made it), I decided to give it a makeover more fit for the current web, which, these days, involves a lot of web browsing on phones. The old version of the site still exists but I’m going to be phasing it out and directing all traffic to the new version. Along with the updated site, I started a secret web page for email subscribers upon which I’ll post some occasional underground content.



Audio/Video Books for The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual

combo pack audio videobookPurchase Here

The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual are both now for sale as video/audio books. Since my books are both pictures and words, the regular audiobook format wouldn’t do them justice. Instead, I chose to make video/audio books. These video/audio books include both a video and an audio mp3 file. The video is essentially a high definition frame by frame read along of the books as read by me. And the mp3 audio files are just the audio from the video for listening when viewing is not possible (such as while driving). The Universe Is a Dream is read in my normal voice and The Universe Is Virtual, since I take an abstract digital form in that book, is read in my digitized “virtual” voice…similar to the voice I used in my short film Binary Erasure. Buy the books individually for $16.99 a piece or get both for $29.99. The books are unabridged in video form (since all the information is there visually) and only slightly abridged in audio form. The video is available streaming or downloaded. The Universe Is a Dream runs three hours and five minutes and The Universe Is Virtual runs two hours and thirty four minutes. Watch the previews of the video/audio books below to see exactly what you’ll be getting.

Purchase Here

Combo Pack $29.99

Universe Is Virtual $16.99

Universe Is a Dream $16.99


Get Forgiving the Human Robot (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Four) Out Now

Robot CoverForgiving the Human Robot (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book Four)
Book four, the final book of The Undreaming Chronicles series, is now available. The title is: Forgiving the Human Robot. The book explores the idea of how humans are programmed/conditioned in many ways into unique egos that all see the world a bit differently. The book also explores how to erase that programming. There were going to be five books in the Undreaming Chronicles but I ended up being able to explore everything I wanted to explore in four books. The Undreaming Chronicles has been an experimental free-form set of books, where I’ve made a point not to censor my thought processes at all. That makes The Undreaming Chronicles more raw and personal than my other books; the whole series is a kind of dreamlike excursion through my own forgiveness lessons. Now that all the books are done, I may take all the paperback versions of each individual book off the market and replace them with one 640 page $50 paperback comic book or eliminate all paperback versions altogether. So, if you want individual paperback books of the series (especially if you are a comic collector) don’t wait until it is too late.

Preview the book here.

Below are the buying options. As with the previous book, I’m not selling a paperback version on Amazon. The regular supply chain of going through Amazon with a color comic book has its disadvantages. And digital sales are dominating over paperback sales these days. For a Kindle version buy it on Amazon and if you what a PDF version, follow the link to Payhip.

  • Ebook
    Amazon Kindle US (9.99) Amazon UK Amazon DE Amazon BR Amazon ES
    Payhip (9.99) (Available as a high definition PDF.  Check out my whole Payhip store; I’m also offering a The Universe Is a Dream PDF in case you ever wanted one.)
  • Paperback
    Premium Color Version ($21.95)
    Createspace is the only place I’m selling a paperback version of this book.  Shipping is around $3.59 in the U.S. and a bit higher internationally (eg. Finland would be $4.88). The price is high but the print quality is good. This is the only way to sell the book in color as a physical book without the risk of investing in an inventory.


In a few weeks, I’m going to be releasing audio/video books of The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual. So, look out for that announcement. But after that I really have no set plans for anything new in particular related to ACIM/spirituality.


There is a point in Forgiving the Human Robot where I reference a bunch of songs. If interested in exploring those songs, here is a playlist of them I made on Youtube.

Also, for those outside the US who couldn’t figure out how to watch Binary Erasure, there is a link to watch the movie directly from my website instead of Amazon here. Email news updates always have a corresponding page on my website and that page is updated when not all info is included in an email.